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How To: Set up UPS

  1. In the Administration panel, go to Administration → Shipping & taxes → Shipping methods , or alternatively Setup your store -> Store management -> Setup shipping methods

then, Click "+" button to add shipping method


2. Give your shipping method a Name, and select the UPS shipping method in the Rate Calculation dropdown field



3. Select from dropdown for example, UPS USA: 3 Day Select as Shipping service.

4. Enter a Delivery time . Note, this text (eg. 3-5 business days) will be overridden by the real-time shipping service. Make sure that the Status of this method is set to Active.

5. Enter a Weight range. For example, the shipping service will calculate up to 4lbs. If a package is 6lbs, the shipping service will recalculate the overages and show this to the customer on checkout.

6. Click the Create button to save the changes. When you hit Create, more tabs will appear . 

7. Switch to the Configure tab.


  1. Enter your UPS credentials in the UPS Rates Access Key , Username, and Password fields. Then hit Save

For testing purposes, use the following settings. Please note only a few settings work in Test mode

  • Pickup type: Daily pickup
  • Package type: Package
  • Width, Height, and Length: 10

Note: If you have trouble with getting your rates access key, please visit the UPS Help and Support Center and submit a UPS support desk ticket. Occasionally, their calculation service will be temporarily down for routine maintenance.

9. Switch to Test rate calculation tab . Here you can test your shipping calculations based on the Weight, Recipient, and Sender address. Then hit Recalculate rates.