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How To: Let Customers Pick Up Orders from Store

HellaBlack allows you to create stores and pickup points and set the shipping rates and times depending on where you send the products. Customers will be able to select the store or pickup point where they want to collect their orders.

First, to create stores/pickup points, 

  1. Click the + button in the upper right part of the Administration → Stores & pickup points page.

2. On the General tab, complete the form and click SAVE


To get your store location Coordinates, see link here.

3. Switch to the Pickup tab


Make sure to switch to the Pickup tab and select the rate area there. The rate area will determine the rates and time of shipping to that store/pickup point.

This tab also allows you to choose in which other rate areas the store should appear. That way you’ll be able to offer pickup to the residents of nearby areas and not offer it in remote areas.

4. Then, add your Pickup Store to a new shipping method. In the Administration panel, go to Administration → Shipping & taxes → Shipping methods , or alternatively Setup your store -> Store management -> Setup shipping methods


then, Click "+" button to add shipping method


Next , create a shipping method for your pickup store

  1. Give your shipping method a Name

2. Select the Pickup from Store shipping method in the Rate Calculation dropdown field

3. Enter a Delivery time . Note, this text (eg. 3-5 business days) will be overridden by the real-time shipping service. 

4. Make sure that the Status of this method is set to Active.

5. Enter a Weight range. For example, the shipping service will calculate up to 4lbs. If a package is 6lbs, the shipping service will recalculate the overages and show this to the customer on checkout.

6. Click the Create button to save the changes. When you hit Create, more tabs will appear. 

7. Switch to the Shipping time and rates tab. Here you can specify rate areas where pick-up from store will be available. If you specify shipping time for a specific rate area, it will override the delivery time from the General tab of the shipping method editing page.

Shipping time and rates for

8. Check how the new shipping method works on your storefront.

Have questions or concerns? Please contact us at support@hellablack.com.