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How is sales tax reported?

See also Fees & Payments Policy for applicable tax policies. 

In this Section,

  1. Sales Tax on US Domestic Orders 
  2. Sales Tax on International Orders
  • Selling to buyers in Canada
  • Selling to buyers in the UK
  • Selling to buyers in Australia
  • Selling to buyers in all other countries

3. Sales Tax fields on your Business Settings

Sales Tax on US Domestic Orders

HellaBlack uses a third-party tax calculation service called TaxJar to ensure marketplace sales tax compliance for sellers selling within the United States. We are currently calculating, collecting, and remitting state sales tax on all orders shipped to all 50 states.

Note: Colorado rates include home rule cities, which are local governments that impose and administer their own local sales and use taxes. HellaBlack is required to collect sales taxes in home rule cities in Colorado. 

Sellers don’t have to update their sales tax settings in their shop for orders shipped to the states mentioned in this article. The HellaBlack system will automatically calculate sales tax, collect and remitt state sales tax on behalf of the seller. Learn more about Marketplace Facilitator Laws .

Sales Tax on International Orders

HellaBlack has manually configured the latest sales tax rates (last update 04/26/2021 ) in as follows. We have manually configured the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada (grouped by provinces)
  • United Kingdom
  • All other countries

To view the Rate Areas in HellaBlack, go to the Admin Panel -> Administration -> Shipping & Taxes -> Rate Areas


HellaBlack will collect sales tax from buyers on orders that meet the following criteria:

  • The buyer is located in Canada
  • The goods are dispatched from outside Canada. 

The Canadian sales taxes include the Provincial Sales Tax (PST), the Quebec Sales Tax (QST), the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) which is a combination of the provincial sales tax portion and the GST in some provinces. 

  • The GST applies to most goods and services made in Canada; however, certain exceptions may apply.
  • The PST is a retail sales tax that is payable when a taxable good or service is acquired for personal or business use, unless a specific exemption applies.
  • The HST generally applies to the same base of goods and services as the GST. The participating provinces (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince Edward Island) harmonized their provincial sales tax with the GST to implement the HST.
  • In Quebec, the most common sales taxes are the:
    • GST, which is calculated at a rate of 5% on the selling price.
    • QST, which is calculated at a rate of 9.975% on the selling price excluding the GST.

Canadian Sales Tax Table (Updated July 1, 2019, Fedex.com)


Selling to buyers in the UK

HellaBlack will collect VAT from buyers on orders that meet the following criteria:

  • The buyer is located in the UK.*
  • The goods are dispatched from outside the UK.
  • The total value of the package (excluding delivery) is less than or equal to £135.

*HB is not obligated to collect VAT on shipments from the EU to Northern Ireland, or on shipments from Northern Ireland to other parts of the UK.

For eligible items under the £135 threshold, UK shoppers will see VAT-inclusive pricing when they view listings in search and browse, as well as on the listing page. The VAT amount seen before purchase is an approximate value. The final VAT amount will be calculated at checkout.

Sellers are required as per our Seller Policy to represent their listings as accurately as possible to buyers to ensure the correct VAT amount is charged on VAT eligible items. 

In these cases, HellaBlack is solely responsible to collect and remit VAT to HMRC. Neither you nor the carriers should be collecting VAT from buyers under the £135 threshold. Learn more on the HMRC website .

We recommend sellers include the following information on the packages:

  • Packing slip in the package with the separate VAT amount shown, which may appear under Tax
  • Note on the packing slip: The item is under £135  and the marketplace, HellaBlack, will collect and remit the VAT to HMRC 

Learn how to print a packing slip.

You don’t need to register for VAT with HMRC for sales of items where HellaBlack is collecting the VAT, and there’s no requirement to upload tax certificates or any other tax information for these sales. However, you may be subject to other tax or legal requirements depending on your personal circumstances. Please consult a local tax professional for more information. 

Selling to Australian buyers from overseas

 Some orders shipped to HellaBlack customers in Australia are subject to Goods & Sales Tax (GST). HellaBlack will collect a 10% GST on orders if each of the following applies:

  • Seller is located outside Australia.
  • The package is being shipped to a buyer in Australia.
  • The total value of the package is less than or equal to $1,000 AUD.

HellaBlack will automatically include the tax in the buyer’s total. The buyer will pay the tax at checkout, and HellaBlack will be responsible for remitting it to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Selling to buyers in all other countries

HellaBlack has manually configured an average international sales tax of 21% in the system for all other countries not listed above. If the seller has a particular country that they specfically sell to, we request that you submit a Rate Area request to support@hellablack.com and we will set this up immediately.

Sales Tax fields on your Business Settings

To update your Sales Tax related fields on your business settings, go to Admin Panel - > Setup Your Store -> Store management -> Business Settings

On the General Tab, enter your

  • Primary Taxpayer ID (VAT ID or EIN); Required for all sellers
  • Secondary Taxpayer ID (eg. CURP, SIREN/T); Required for Mexico, Required for France
  • Company Registration Number (CRN ); Required for UK sellers

The Primary Taxpayer ID and Company Registration Numbers will appear on all invoices