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How can I buy safely?

If you're not sure about a listing or are concerned about an unsafe transaction, we've compiled some tips on how to safely make a purchase below:

1. Make purchases only on the HellaBlack mobile or desktop website.

By purchasing through the HellaBlack payment platform, you can ensure you'll be fully protected if anything goes wrong, and you will be refunded the full amount if your item doesn't arrive or is significantly not as described. You should never pay for an item offsite - be it directly through PayPal or Stripe, bank transfer, concealed cash or any other methods outside of HellaBlack. Any meet-in-person transactions are also not eligible for Buyer Protection.

NOTE: Payments made via the guest checkout option (without logging into a PayPal or Stripe account) are not eligible for Buyer Protection.

2. Check the seller’s transaction history and feedback rating.

Locate the seller details on a listing page. If a user has received feedback for past sales, they'll have a seller rating shown on their shop. You can click on their Reviews to view how previous buyers rated their experience with this seller.

3. Talk to the seller.

Honest sellers should have nothing to hide. You can 'Ask a question' and communicate with the seller via messages if you feel like the there's missing information about the item. If you don't see a shipping option for your location, you can also use this feature to ask about the price including shipping costs to your location.

4. Ask the seller to ship the item with full tracking information.

This way, both of you will know where the item is at any given time and will be notified when it's delivered. If the seller hasn't added a tracking number to your conversation or Order Details within 3 days, you should remind them and contact our support team for further assistance if they continue to neglect to do so.