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How are returns processed?

 Customers have the ability to submit a request for replacement or return on their Order Details page. Customers can register product return requests specifying the reason for the return and providing other related information. Store administrators can then handle requested returns through a special section of the administration panel. 

 Return requests are allowed only for products that are marked as returnable. This option together with the return period is controlled separately for each product in the catalog at the product details page. 

 When this happens, the store administrator has the ability to : 

ยท Change the request status (Decline, Approve, Request more details, Modify Order) 

ยท Decline/Approve Individual Products 

ยท Print a Packing Slip for the return 

ยท Issue a Gift Certificate 

 Since vendor payouts are directly paid at the time of customer purchase, the vendor will have to issue the full refund or partial refund directly from their payment gateway (Paypal or Stripe).  

 In the case where a vendor can not come to a resolution, the HellaBlack team will try to moderate an agreement.