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4-Your Shop's Appearance

That old saying "first impressions make last impressions" holds true for your virtual HellaBlack storefront. On HellaBlack, you can customize many parts of your shop to create a well-coordinated, visually compelling shop. To really connect with your consumers, you'll want your brand to tell a story. Refer to our Setting Up Your Shop Guidelines for more details.

Here are the steps to customize your shop homepage from your admin panel:

  1. Go to Set up your store -> Store management -> Business settings 

then, Click your storefront link�


2. Once you're there, you can manage the different tab sections of your storefront homepage:


In this Section

  • General, such as shop location
  • Add-ons , such as customizing your shop URL
  • Company Description, such as your shop story
  • Logos
  • Payment Methods
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Storefront Banner, such as profile photo and banner
  • Reviews , to engage with your customer reviews
  • Shop policies
  • Facebook pixel, to integrate your Facebook shop

General Tab

The General tab lists all of your business information that you supplied on your vendor application. You can modify pertinent information such as your Business Name, Email Address, Business Address & more. Note: The email address you supply will be used for all order notifications. Additionally, the First and Last Names listed will be used for display on your storefront under "Shop Owner"


Add-ons Tab

The add-ons tab are additional features. You can update features such as customizing your storefront URL with an SEO-friendly title, and you can integrate your own third-party tax reporting service called TaxJar. To learn more about Taxes on HellaBlack.


Company DescriptionundefinedTab

Your shop’s About Us section is where you can share the story of your Black-owned business. Customers can discover more about your creative process, the story behind your products, and any teammates or collaborators you work with.

Share your story (no more than 1000 words) through a video or photos to truly capture your work process. You can also add your social media handles, shop members, and production partners. See here on how to add video to your shop.


Logos Tab

Here, you can add logo for your business on HellaBlack. You'll want to choose an identifiable image that reflects your brand. If you don't yet have a logo, you can easily create one using tools such as Canva. Or, you can simply add a powerful product image to really communicate your brand to shoppers. Refer to our Setting Up Your Shop Guidelines.


223 pixels by 298 pixels; no larger than 126KB type .jpg or .png . For optimal sizing, you can use free tools such as Adobe Spark to resize your photos, and Compressor.io to compress your image sizes.


You can add your logo image locally from your computer, from your folder on our server, or from another website URL. 

Payment Methods Tab

In order to get paid, you will have to configure your payment methods. Learn more about Getting Paid.

Terms & Conditions Tab

For added protection, if you want a customer to agree to your terms and conditions specifically at checkout, fill in Terms & Conditions. If you leave Terms & Conditions empty, a customer proceeds without agreement. You can also specify your terms in "Shop Policies" tab.


Storefront Banner Tab

Although they’re two separate graphics, your shop logo, profile photo, and shop banner work in tandem to represent your brand as a whole. Together, these striking visual elements should give buyers an immediate sense of what your business is all about as soon as they arrive at your shop.


Example of a sample shop designed by our fabulous UX designer.

Recommended Image Sizes:

  • Shop Banner Size: 1440 pixels by 450 pixels, 126KB max; .jpg or .png
  • Shop Owner Profile Pic: 223 pixels by 223 pixels, 126KB max ; .jpg or .png

For optimal sizing, you can use free tools such as Adobe Spark to resize your photos, and Compressor.io to compress your image sizes.


Reviews Tab

Managing your customer reviews will be what makes or breaks your storefront reputation. Learn more about Reputation Management here.


Shop Policies

All sellers are responsible for maintaining their seller policies. In the event that you have a dispute with a buyer, HellaBlack will look to your shop policies. Your seller policies define the following:


  • Shipping - you'll want to be transparent about processing time and estimated shipping times.
  • Payment options - this section shows buyers what payment methods you accept. For example, Paypal and Stripe.
  • Returns & exchanges - you should explicitly state whether you accept returns or exhanges. Specifiy your Contact me within and Ship items back within windows, and list The following items can’t be returned or exchanged. Refer to Refunds & Returns.
  • Privacy policy - Visit Trust & Safety, for more information about your obligations when collecting and using a buyer’s information, including the requirement to obtain a buyer’s consent before using their information for marketing purposes. 
  • More information - Under your shop policies, you can add more information about your shop. You can include any additional information that you think buyers should know when purchasing from your shop. This section is not considered as Shop Policies. Some common FAQs include information about custom orders, item care, and sizing. If you offer insurance, you should include that information here.

In the event that you have a dispute with a buyer, HellaBlack will look to your shop policies. Information listed in your FAQs is not considered to be part of your policies. See here about Resolving Cases.undefined

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a useful tool for your website that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. Using the Facebook Pixel, you can track the actions people take on your website across devices to run Facebook advertising campaigns more effectively.To learn more about the Facebook Pixel, please visit Facebook help

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